Raseborg Data Center Site


Raseborg Data Center location

Raseborg Data Center site is located in the Town of Raasepori, in Southern Finland

Close to Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Utility connections available at the Data Center site


Optic fibre routes to Data Center Area




Direct route to Europe: C-Lion1 optical sea cable

Route: Raseborg DC – Frankfurt; Estimated RTD 19,3 ms




Diverse route: via Sweden to Europe

Route Raseborg DC – Frankfurt; RTD estimation 22,8 ms




Diverse route: via Baltic to Europe

Route Raasepori DC – Frankfurt; RTD estimation 22,4 ms




Routes to Russia

Route Raasepori DC – Finnish Russian border
RTD estimation to Moscow 13,9 ms




Estimation of Round Trip Delay

* RTD calculated using Cinia SeaLion1 via Hanko branching


Source: Cinia Oy


Power Supply

National power grid connection close to DC-site

110 kV regional network in Hanko - Raasepori area

(ongoing upgrade in yellow colour)


Cooling and Heat Re-Use

Cooling by sea water
  • Short pumping distance from sea to the plant
  • Sea water stays reasonably cool also in summer.

Excellent conditions for air cooling
  • Cold climate suggests air cooling
  • Cooling by cooling towers or direct air cooling
  • Energy re-use in heating and local DH network

Heat Re-use: by heat pumps to district heating
  • Theoretical potential for heat energy re-use up to 1,3 x DC power consumption
  • Heat re-use COP from 1,5 up to 4

Implementation time schedule

Example schedule for Data Center investment in Finland

Modelling Images

Water cooling utilization examples

Air cooling utilization examples